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What it's about:

I'm not a writer by any means, but i'm fascinated by social media influencers. By influencers i mean people with a large following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social platform. 

So my task is to find out a little more about some of these people and what it is that sets them apart from the average Joe, what is their page about, where they're from and maybe even get some advice or tips for growing a social following. 

 Influencer interview 1

@katyjaynemorgan93      17k following

Hi Katy, Tell us where you are from.

What Country?

I'm from England. 

Oh nice.

Which City?

Milton Keynes 

Awesome, I've never been before, I should check it out.


So Katy what can people expect to find when they land on your profile page?


People can expect to find the biggest cheesy smile, obviously the big peach 🍑 but just a real girl who is showing the world just because you’re curvy does mean you’re fat. Embrace your curves

That's great, Peach pages are the best  😁


Do you have a favourite influencer that you follow?

Ooooooh, my favourite person has to be, Stacey Solomon. She is the most real human being and doesn’t cave to the world of Instagram. She keeps it real all the time! 

Oh great, she's awesome and has over 1 million followers.


Do you prefer Summer or Winter?


Summer most definitely! However Christmas is my favourite time of year! I absolutely love how happy everyone is, the family atmosphere and just the festive season in all. My favourite!

Who doesn't love Christmas with your family hey? 🎄🎄

Any advice for people trying to grow their audience? 

Just be yourself.

Hmm seems fair for sure!

Do you have a favourite motivational quote?

Live life like it’s your last.

Sounds like a extremely fun way to live i'd say!


Katy thank you so much for taking part in our influencer interview series, hopefully next time we speak you will have over 1 million followers.