Top 5 tips for growing an Instagram page.

These are the top 5 tactics to becoming instafamous. follow all 5 tips for a sure fire way to grow in massive numbers of followers, likes and comments without buying them.

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There are people out there earning huge $$$ just posting pictures of products. So why cant you do it? Well chances are you haven't been doing 5 simple things and there for no one is seeing what your posting.

There are plenty of quick fixes and ways of getting followers by paying for them and paying for likes and comments and all that bullshit, But they're hollow and non engaging and its not the way to do it. SO JUST DON'T.

Here are my 5 basic rules to growing your Instagram and above all keeping your fans and followers happy and engaging. These rules have seen me grow multiple pages to over 20k in a matter of months and if you follow them you can do it as well.


Rule 1. #Hashtags 

Hashtags are the most important rule for growth. you can use 30 (maximum) per post and that's exactly how many you should use. Now i'm not saying you have to sit there and punch in 30 #'s for every time you post a photo, but have 25 in saved in your notes on your phone and copy and paste them on each time you throw a pic or video up. I know the guys over at nation.aesthetic specialise at researching the best hashtags for growing pages, and have very low prices for doing so for you.

Rule 2. Stay Home

Ok so i don't mean stay Home, home, i mean stay within your niche. If your page is based around your modelling career, then posting a video of your cat playing with a ball of string, will send your followers running. If your page is based around partying and having fun, then posting a picture of you mowing the lawn wouldn't be a great fit for your page. So stay on topic.

Rule 3. Photo Quality 

No you don't have to be a photographer to succeed on Instagram, nor do you need personal photographer to follow you around. But take a little time when getting the right photo. Take a few shots and choose something that looks bright and inviting. a selfie in a dull bathroom with your hat covering your eyes is not an attractive look and that probably explains why you only got likes from 5 friends and a funny cat page. So bright photos with 30 relevant hashtags would be a step in the right direction. And show your face.

Rule 4. Engage 

If you want engagement on your page, take the time to visit other pages, drop a like and comment. When you comment make sure its relevant to the persons post. Don't just post "keep going" or "nice post" that lazy and basically a big pile of shit. Also don't comment on a post saying "hey check out my page, tell me if you like something". That's desperate and needy and no one wants to see that from someone who is suppose to be an influencer. 

Rule 5. Story Mode

So story mode is extremely under used and a great way to show a day in the life. But....... its 5 posts maximum per day. When i go to a page and see 50 posts on a story, i am out of there. Also its great to promote other pages as well, so if you have a product you like using and want to get noticed, you can tag them in it and they'll get a message showing that you've tagged them.


These rules are so easy to follow, and lets be honest they're free so you have no excuse. But as mentioned in rule 1 there are people out there that can help to optimize your hashtags and engagement, id suggest hitting them up and seeing if they can help you. Remember don't pay for followers or likes and comments, But you can pay for knowledge. The guys at @nation.aesthetic will help you learn to grow on your own. Or if you want something a little easier they'll do all the leg work and research you hashtags for you. However the posts on the other hand are all on you. don't be lazy and say "that'll do" because one unhappy follower is a fan you no longer have.

Enjoy growth and instastardom, its still a lot of work but you'll reap the benefits in the long run. And remember 


Stay on niche

Bright Photos


Use story


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